Orange tipped butterfly – female (only males have orange tips)


The butterfly returned

seeking me out

Not just flying by

Pausing for a moment

dancing before my eyes

She spread her wings

revealing her markings

Showing me the other side

“Do you recognise me?”

she seemed to want to know

then I knew for sure

That we had met before.

I smiled in recognition

and together we danced 

in the wonder of it all. 

If the cap fits…

I’m reblogging this today as a picture with just me and Wayne popped up on my timeline 8 years after I posted it. My specs are squinty and after a busy, hot day I’m certainly not looking my best but that doesn’t matter to me as I was feeling heavenly. Have a great day everyone, no matter what you’re doing find the peace within. Love, Beth

I Seek Sanctuary

I’ve waited a long time to share this story with anyone except a few of my closest friends but it seems the time has finally arrived.

Back in 2012, I wrote myself a Goals for Life list and one of my wishes was to give Dr. Wayne W. Dyer a hug to thank him for the gifts he had brought to this world.

I had long been familiar with Hay House and the contribution they were making to the world and had already began the journey within a few years earlier after meeting David Hamilton PhD and The Caring Clown aka Margaret McCathie who worked alongside Patch Adams in 2008 while I was studying NLP.

David is an amazing man with a sparkle in his eyes and a wealth of wisdom inside him.  A bio-chemist who had worked within the pharmaceutical industry and realised the powerful nature of the placebo…

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The Telegram 2










True strength can be found in gentleness.


I should have listened to my heart not my insecurities.

There is no such thing as too much love or knowledge

Everything grows with love

I just can’t stop loving you

Reflections of the love you give to me

May love and peace guide our way  

As above, so below

Awaken oh world

Thank you for the good you have given me

Perfect love casts out all fear  

I guess it’s time to move forward

It is a future of ascension you are creating

What you don’t believe me?

To understand the planets is to understand the world

Imbolc the Crown of Creation

May you have courage

You can feel love in the air around you

You will be marvellous

Heaven forever

It’s a miracle that you are here at all, don’t you think?

I love when people are good to each other

Within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages

Nobody can grant you honour but yourself

Make a wonderful wish magnify

Let’s be positive to get a positive result

Love above all through will

Synchronise and harmonise

Heart of Wisdom

Heavenly people

The secret pathway

Love forever holds the key

Everything is a reflection of our consciousness

The story of Life on Planet Earth from Beginning to End

If you are reading this then I am with you

Everything is sacred, even the lessons

Turn on your love light and let it shine wherever you go. 

Copyright Rashelle Reid

Thomas Napier Speir Memorial, Paisley Abbey

The apparent overlaying of pre-Christian, probably Druidic sites, particularly in the more Celticised regions, by the later Celtic monastic orders would seem to run parallel with the view that the Culdees were the ‘Christian inheritors of the Druids’. In other words the same mystery wisdom teaching would appear to be central to both the Druidic and Celtic Christian philosophical tradition, especially when one considers that both appear to have employed the same principles embodied in an ancient sacred science. For example, the siting and format of their places of worship and also the use of holy healing wells.” Barry Dunford 


St. Peter’s Well, Renfrewshire

“It would appear that in the remote past certain geomantic vortex points on the earth’s surface were found to be conducive for the interconnection between sub-terrestrial, terrestrial and cosmic influences and vibrations. A specific vibrational field was created by the interaction of these forces which proved conducive to spiritual activities and higher communement with other dimensional frequencies. It was at these geomantic points that sites of spiritual worship were often established, and thus we find megalithic stone monuments (circles, standing stones and dolmens etc.) and later temples, monasteries and churches, all strategically placed at these geomantic power points and almost always sited in some form of alignment with each other.” Barry Dunford


Click here for more information on Visions of Albion: The Key to the Holy Grail by Barry Dunford. 

The Barochan Cross

The Barochan Cross

The Barochan Cross, Paisley Abbey

The Barochan Cross

The Barochan Cross under a stained glass window dedicated to William Wallace, featuring Samson breaking the chains.

The former site of The Barochan Cross in Renfrewshire is now the location of a war memorial.  It is possible, in the past this was a gathering site for the people to come together as a community for prayer and to discuss issues of the day. 

I wonder what would happen if instead of war memorials on the power points we had something celebrating the peace makers, the philosophers, the mathematicians, the astronomers, the musicians, the inventors, the artists, the mystics and the poets. 

My friend Robert Knox on a visit to the former site of The Barochan Cross, Houston






Paradise Found

“Paradise found” she said.
And everyone laughed.
Here, how, no way
They sneered, looking down
on their town, where unity
once lived, beyond religion.
They all sat down, and spoke
together with respect, with care
about the people there, in the
past, future possibilities
redeemed, of a dream,
of a memory reborn
and a land brought to life
Heavenly voices sharing
messages of love
from above, a return
of a place, a heavenly space
Back to Eden, the message
now in, Paradise found.

How Dare You?

My message is this. 

I am watching you

This is all wrong

I shouldn’t be writing this,

I should be exploring the frontiers

On the other side of imagination

Yet you all come to us radicals

For inspiration

How dare you?

You have stolen my ideas,

And my motherhood

With your empty promises

Of emancipation.

Yet I am one of the lucky ones.

People are suffering

People are dying

And our political system is collapsing

We are in the middle of a mass extinction

And all you can talk about is limits

and fairy tales of a brainwashed generation.

How dare you?

For more than 10 years

The signs have been crystal clear.

How dare you continue to look away?

And come here saying this is radical

While people face starvation.

You say you hear us

And that you understand

the urgency of this situation

But no matter how sad and angry I am

I do not want to believe that,

Because if you really understood

And continued to look away

You would be evil

And that, I refuse to believe.

I do not accept your prescription

of what a radical mind must say

I do not accept your rulebook

And choose to walk away

From a climate of crisis

And winning this prize

But I implore you to look

At the truth before your eyes.

A war on the poor

lies outside your door

universal credit

a dignity deficit

the poverty premium

the price we’re forced to pay

our lives, our dreams,

all washed away. 

This poem and a few others were inspired by a poetry competition looking for entries from radical minds that set very strict parameters on what the topics were to be. As a free-spirited being with a lot to say I decided against entering but still wrote a few poetic responses. I’m busy clearing up my laptop at the moment, but will try and remember to come back and add links to the other connected poems. Thanks for all the recent likes and follows, it’s been great to get some time to finally be posting again. Every like and every follow is truly appreciated.


Perhaps the tears
that blind us
Are the ice caps melting?

the sorrow of the ages
washes over a world; watching; weeping;
waiting with bated breath
afraid to see
what lies beneath.

Perhaps the flood
we drown in
Is the panic in our eyes?

Of an ancient land released
From its icy prison
That has held it,
And maybe us captive;
Frozen in time
Long forgotten.

Perhaps the faith
That buoys us
Will lead us to our glory?

In a pool of memories
time means nothing
Creation breathes
Life into an idea;
A wish; a dream;
A land reborn.

The Tryst


img_2570She’d been there before
in a time now past,
unknowing, curious
and caring, bleak
with concern.
The future daunting,
taunting twisted tales
Shrouding mystery
in the soul of her eyes.
Help me, she pleaded.
Let there be light
in these dark days
My hands are here for you
to use, as my soles
tread this sacred land.
And, my mind learns
from the clues
our ancestors left waiting
To reveal to her
when the time was
divine for the tryst
with destiny.
Courageously she
stumbled up mountains
and down again.
Faltering she wavered
waiting until the time
had come, as ordained
To stake her claim
For all the people
Of the world
She knew now
things were different
A Phoenix rose willing
Tears shed for the people,
To cleanse the pain
And wash away the lies
And the longing.
Spaces filled with love
and hope of the better
days to come, peace
replaced the weariness
Her message, love.
A warrior born to rise
to uplift, to shine.
To remove the shadows
Where fear once lived.




Get lost

Virtue signalers
Get lost
In the pages of
History unread
Until you must
Or lose trust
In your self
Or your cell
Contained behind
Walls of silence
Built of guilt
Condemned to suffer
In silence
For fear
Of the shadow
inside your mind.

Dr. Eric Perry

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