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img_2570She’d been there before
in a time now past,
unknowing, curious
and caring, bleak
with concern.
The future daunting,
taunting twisted tales
Shrouding mystery
in the soul of her eyes.
Help me, she pleaded.
Let there be light
in these dark days
My hands are here for you
to use, as my soles
tread this sacred land.
And, my mind learns
from the clues
our ancestors left waiting
To reveal to her
when the time was
divine for the tryst
with destiny.
Courageously she
stumbled up mountains
and down again.
Faltering she wavered
waiting until the time
had come, as ordained
To stake her claim
For all the people
Of the world
She knew now
things were different
A Phoenix rose willing
Tears shed for the people,
To cleanse the pain
And wash away the lies
And the longing.
Spaces filled with love
and hope of the better
days to come, peace
replaced the weariness
Her message, love.
A warrior born to rise
to uplift, to shine.
To remove the shadows
Where fear once lived.




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I’ve waited a long time to share this story with anyone except a few of my closest friends but it seems the time has finally arrived.

Back in 2012, I wrote myself a Goals for Life list and one of my wishes was to give Dr. Wayne W. Dyer a hug to thank him for the gifts he had brought to this world.

I had long been familiar with Hay House and the contribution they were making to the world and had already began the journey within a few years earlier after meeting David Hamilton PhD and The Caring Clown aka Margaret McCathie who worked alongside Patch Adams in 2008 while I was studying NLP.

David is an amazing man with a sparkle in his eyes and a wealth of wisdom inside him.  A bio-chemist who had worked within the pharmaceutical industry and realised the powerful nature of the placebo, he decided to change path and began exploring “How the Mind Can Heal the Body” and “It’s the Thought that Counts”.  His scientific approach was a breath of fresh air to me as the world had made me a bit cynical at this time.  Margaret demonstrated the power laughter has to help us connect and heal our hurts, and showed me something of myself that I hadn’t seen before about what I give to others naturally.

I shared David’s books with friends, family and their friends and family shared them too.  All of them benefited from them in one way or another and I loved seeing more and more people connect with his work as he produced more books but couldn’t believe his work was being ignored by the mainstream as it contained such a powerful message.

I was in a period of discovery and learning but I was also very busy raising two sets of twins with not a lot of money and I still hadn’t had time to grieve for my stillborn daughter as I had fell pregnant again very quickly afterwards and wanted to make sure that while they were growing they only experienced love, joy and gratitude.  I called my stillborn daughter Abbie as I wanted her to have a connection to Paisley and the Abbey sits right at it’s heart. I didn’t know then how relevant the Abbey would later become to my own story, but that tale is for another day as I’ve rambled a fair bit already so let’s move things along.

When 2012 arrived I had totally changed my perspective on life and for me science was the bridge to spirituality that I needed, opening me up to worlds beyond my imagination.  I was struggling to cope with the things I seen in the world around me and like so many others around the world looked to the sky with my hands in the air saying “Let there be Light” but also asking God to use my hands to help the world.

By the time Hay House brought their “I Can Do It” event to Glasgow, the silent voice inside me was already strong and had been present in my life a long time. It had already led me to places where wonderful things happened many times before.  Even before the announcement of the event I knew deep down I would meet Wayne one day and I had not a penny to my name to spare, so knew I wouldn’t be going to America any time soon.

I began hearing the words “If the cap fits wear it” over and over and had no idea why but knew I would find out, as that was how it always happened.  Then the announcement came and I knew the message was connected with Wayne but how could I believe it?  How egotistical does it sound to say one of the Masters of our time was passing his cap to me, some wee woman from Paisley who was struggling to just hold herself together, and yet, I knew it was true, even then, but first I had to convince myself I was worthy.

I was familiar with the work of many of the Hay House authors but Dr. Wayne was the one who resonated with me most as the power of the “I am” had already shown up in my life through my studies in Psychology and Child Development, I think I had even wrote I poem before about it before I realised this was in Wayne’s teachings too.  The prayer of St. Francis had been the words I had been using in my own life and I knew their power to help me through difficult times and to support me while doing things that terrified me to help others.

On the first day of the event I walked across the bridge to be greeted with a double rainbow, making me smile and know I was exactly where I was meant to be.  I enjoyed learning from all the authors but if I’m completely honest, it was the hug that I wanted to give Wayne which was the main reason I was there.

Every time I saw him he was surrounded with people asking for autographs and pictures which isn’t really my style so I just hung back and waited to see if the moment would come another way.

On the last day of the event at 4pm my friend Adele Logan of CalmPoint Acupuncture looked at each other and said “oh well, maybe next time” as we accepted it was too late and Wayne was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere he appeared behind us and put his arm around us both, I didn’t even have to ask! I was blown away but I still remembered to thank him for all he had done.  I walked home floating on air at the magic that had happened and spoke to my friends about what I thought was happening.

My eldest daughter had been ill that day with flu like symptoms that had led to fever.  As the rest of the house settled she was struggling so me and her went downstairs and I tried to help her cool down.  She started muttering the words “the doors have opened mummy” right away I thought of the doors of perception and was surprised to hear this from a child but then she seemed scared as a vision of a man appeared to her.  I became a little scared too as I witnessed her fear but I know the power of a mother’s love and in me it runs strong.  I put my arms around her and asked that all energies present be only love and she settled in my arms.  Her temperature began to break, I knew most people would consider this nothing more than a hallucination brought on by fever but I had a feeling it was more than that.  Next day we discussed what had happened again and my daughter described more fully what she had seen and I recognised it as St. Francis and knowing Wayne’s strong connection with St. Francis it confirmed what I had been feeling.  She had never heard of St. Francis before this so I looked up a picture after hearing her description to show her and she agreed it was who she had seen.

But still I had much more work to do before I felt I could share this story with the wider world.  Much has changed since then, that I’m sure I’ll be sharing here or wrapped up in other stories that has shown people who I am and now, well now new worlds seem to be opening up to me and I finally fully accept that yes, yes I am worthy of donning the cap and I know as well as the compassion and love I have always shared with those around me I have gained a much deeper understanding of the pain people can experience through my own fall and subsequent struggle back to the mountain top.

I promise, as I move forward that I will do my best to honour the blessings bestowed on me and share them compassionately with the world.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, once again, I thank you.

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From the Te Deum window of Paisley Abbey

Fromm the Te Deum window of Paisley Abbey

From Paisley Abbey, Its history, Architecture & Art by Rev. A.R. Howell we get the following description of the scene depicted in this picture: “Moses, patriarch, horned, with tables of the law and staff.”

Further references in the book indicate that “In Michelangelo’s statue of Moses, the horns depict anger.” (Ex. xxxii) although this definition has not been widely accepted as true and there’s still much debate among biblical scholars, it’s this angle Sigmund Freud takes in his essay entitled The Moses of Michelangelo, in which he seeks to understand the emotional impact Michelangelo’s statue has on its audience.

“It is possible, therefore, that a work of art of this kind needs interpretation, and that until I have accomplished that interpretation I cannot come to know why I have been so powerfully affected. I even venture to hope that the effect of the work will undergo no diminution after we have succeeded in thus analyzing it.” Sigmund Freud, 1914


In the following article written by Eloise Hart titled Moses and Those ‘Horns’ printed in the Sunrise Magazine in 1974 from the Theosophical Society, a more in-depth explanation is offered :-

“Here possibly is where the idea of horns originates. For in the Mystery language horns are the sign of the successful neophyte, of one who has passed the dread tests of initiation and quite literally touched divinity.

But later, after the State had taken over the supervision of the Mystery schools, the spirit of their teachings became obscured so that the horn came to symbolize the conqueror of worlds rather than the conqueror of self. Thus Jamshid, builder of Persepolis, was called ‘the two-horned.’ And Alexander the Great, initiated by the oracle at the desert oasis Temple of Amon in 332 B.C., accepted as an inestimable honor the horned AKKADIAN CYLINDER SEAL headdress. He wore it with pride as did the ‘initiated’ of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. To them, as to the Vikings, horns meant power of the spirit. So with the Celts who inscribed the likeness of their teacher, Cernunnos, ‘the horned,’ on a silver plaque, sitting in a Krishna pose and holding this emblem in the form of a ram-headed serpent in his hand.

So with horns, Michelangelo acclaimed Moses a man of power and station far greater than lawgiver of a local tribe. With horns he saluted him not only as one who had stood in the presence of God, and had realized, had become at-one with, his own divinity, but nobler far, as a man fulfilled who had returned — for some do not. Only the few come back, down the mountain, in order to teach and lead mankind.” Eloise Hart


“Moses was without doubt accustomed to seeing ram-headed figures painted on the walls of the royal tombs, where they represented the Sun-God, Amon (later Amon-Ra). During the 6th and 7th centuries B.C. this deity was depicted in the likeness of a man, standing or seated as the Moses of Michelangelo, and frequently wearing the headmask of a ram. Those who interpret Egyptian belief explain that he symbolizes first, the Pleroma, the Fullness of things, and then, that creative force in nature which initiates and maintains intelligent life in this and in the lower worlds. For Amon-Ra was also presented enthroned on a solar boat journeying through the twelve hours of the night to illumine the Underworld.

The Greeks used Pan to express this idea. Horned, hoofed, tailed and sometimes bearded, he with his band of exuberant fawns and satyrs perennially disrupt the status quo.” Eloise Hart


Michelangelo's Moses

At this point I felt it might be time to take a closer look at Michelangelo’s depiction of Moses, particularly the feet.  Don’t get me wrong, this could be my over active imagination in action because at first I never seen the hooves, even though I did feel the feet looked a little peculiar. Just as I was about to give up, I had one last glance still not quite believing Michelangelo hadn’t incorporated the hoofed feet into the piece, and then it hit me.  Although the toes of the feet could clearly be seen, the pattern on the folds of what he’s wearing form the shape of a hoof. It’s like an optical illusion because once you see it, you can’t fail to see it, particularly on the foot on the left. As I look at the foot on the right I still feel this discovery may be due more to my imagination than actual fact but I’m definitely curious and would love to hear from those who have the chance to take a closer look at the statue in question.

Michelangelo's Moses Hooves


As always these ponderings have taken on a life of their own so I’m going to leave it here for now and maybe another day I’ll take a closer look at the AKKADIAN CYLINDER SEAL and the mysterious warriors in skirts.


Further info:-





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Dear Hidden Hand, I’ve got a message for you.

We’ve figured it out, how you do what you do.

Hiding in shadows, with your legions of minions

Manipulating minds and engineering opinions.

Acting all tough, with your ££’s in the bank

Weapons of destruction, drones and death tanks

Without a care you destroy OUR world

So despicable you are, you kill boys and girls

Haven’t you noticed, the curtains been moved

And we’re all ready to create a new groove

We see your cowardice, you big yellow belly

We see the programmes you control on our telly

Destroying nations is what you do best

But with new awareness, the future’s been blessed

No more will we fight in your wars

No more inflicting un-treatable sores

No more support in unknowing forms

As we’ve battled the waves and we’ve come through the storm

Stronger and wiser, we’re warriors of peace

And I’m happy to tell you, we’ve terinated your lease

Digging up the dirt and removing your seeds

Of hate, separation, lack, competition and greed

In their space we’ll plant and we’ll sow

Love, compassion and peace, a new Earth we’ll grow

Free from domination, we will rise again

No longer fighting, we;ll become friends

Working together, sharing ideas,

Clearing the old ’til the way becomes clear

Healing the Earth from the ways of the past

Respecting each other in the 21st century at last.


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I’ve ran with the wolves, while monkeying around.

I’ve howled at the moon, without making a sound.

I’ve baa-ed with the sheep, as in flocks they did move,

But to be honest, it was never really my groove.

I’ve seen the snakes as they slithered around.

Trying to make me lose my grip on the ground.

Sleek like the panther, stalking my prey.

Been at it like bunnies, as some might say.

In a web I’ve been trapped just like a fly.

As those racing rats kept scurrying by.

At times like a giraffe I could reach the tree top.

More like an ostrich when the bills never stop.

Sometimes as timid as a little mouse,

Like when the TV folk came to the house.

Then something happened as the cubs arrived.

Something inside me had come alive.

The miracle of creation hid no more.

As like a graceful lion I reclaimed my roar.

It didn’t happen quickly overnight

At times in the cocoon I was such a sight

Exhausted and feeling like it would never end.

It sure taught me the value of friends.

The preparations over, the next stage begins.

And the butterfly is ready to test her new wings.

Flittering and fluttering she’s bound to fall.

For a soft landing those same friend’s she’ll call.

It’s not over yet, who knows where to now.

One day she may even become an old sow.

When the journey’s over and it’s the end of my tale,

I hope it’s fondly you’ll view my snail trail.

Footprints in hearts and ideas in mind.

Helping people see we’re all the same kind.

Feather, fur, skin, scales, wings or not.

We’re all part of nature that’s what we forgot.


©2014~All Rights Reserved


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Adeo : to approach, visit, come to, undertake.

Salus : health, safety, well-being, salvation / salutation.

Picture by Rashelle Reid

Picture by Rashelle Reid

Gifted to the people, with a Golden Key.

From those who walked before us who gave so generously.

Sitting barren and deserted, with locks upon the doors.

No longer helping anyone with all their pain and sores.

Memories of the service aren’t filled with joy and glee,

Dentistry more like torture and sex advice for free.

Adeo Salus greets your eyes as  you look above the door.

Begging you to question the tales from old folklore.

Philanthropy was part of this magnificent town of ours,

Poets, Patterns, and Pride in some of our finest hours.

The snail case must have contributed to the culture of blame,

And when we think of the witches, many hold their head in shame.

With curiosity I wonder what else was lost,

When the libraries were looted and the bombs were dropped.

It seems some knew the secrets of the Saints and Sages,

The magic of the Alchemists passed throughout the ages.

We’ve cut off the life-bringer, directly at it’s Heart,

Built shops upon the river, known as the Cart.

The arteries are clogged and the wells run no more,

And maybe it’s time now to open up the shore..

Let the energy come back to life,

Welcome good times, say goodbye to strife.

I know there is investment, but who does it serve?

As once again the Council do a body swerve.

The green-belt will soon be as thin as string,

That’s if they decide to leave anything!

With purpose let’s sit together and see what we need,

And let our Council serve it’s people not get lost in the greed.

If each one of us, took some time to care.

There’d be thriving communities for us all to share.

Could the flame of the heart be reignited?

By discussions and ideas from those well cited.

Maybe a hub, with an alternative view,

Maintaining the focus, It’s all about you.

Healing, learning, debates all in one central space,

Co-creating together in divine grace.

From surviving to thriving, it’s easy you see.

When you change your thoughts from me to we.

©2012 copyright ~All Rights Reserved www.rashellereid.com

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