How Dare You?

My message is this. 

I am watching you

This is all wrong

I shouldn’t be writing this,

I should be exploring the frontiers

On the other side of imagination

Yet you all come to us radicals

For inspiration

How dare you?

You have stolen my ideas,

And my motherhood

With your empty promises

Of emancipation.

Yet I am one of the lucky ones.

People are suffering

People are dying

And our political system is collapsing

We are in the middle of a mass extinction

And all you can talk about is limits

and fairy tales of a brainwashed generation.

How dare you?

For more than 10 years

The signs have been crystal clear.

How dare you continue to look away?

And come here saying this is radical

While people face starvation.

You say you hear us

And that you understand

the urgency of this situation

But no matter how sad and angry I am

I do not want to believe that,

Because if you really understood

And continued to look away

You would be evil

And that, I refuse to believe.

I do not accept your prescription

of what a radical mind must say

I do not accept your rulebook

And choose to walk away

From a climate of crisis

And winning this prize

But I implore you to look

At the truth before your eyes.

A war on the poor

lies outside your door

universal credit

a dignity deficit

the poverty premium

the price we’re forced to pay

our lives, our dreams,

all washed away. 

This poem and a few others were inspired by a poetry competition looking for entries from radical minds that set very strict parameters on what the topics were to be. As a free-spirited being with a lot to say I decided against entering but still wrote a few poetic responses. I’m busy clearing up my laptop at the moment, but will try and remember to come back and add links to the other connected poems. Thanks for all the recent likes and follows, it’s been great to get some time to finally be posting again. Every like and every follow is truly appreciated.


Perhaps the tears
that blind us
Are the ice caps melting?

the sorrow of the ages
washes over a world; watching; weeping;
waiting with bated breath
afraid to see
what lies beneath.

Perhaps the flood
we drown in
Is the panic in our eyes?

Of an ancient land released
From its icy prison
That has held it,
And maybe us captive;
Frozen in time
Long forgotten.

Perhaps the faith
That buoys us
Will lead us to our glory?

In a pool of memories
time means nothing
Creation breathes
Life into an idea;
A wish; a dream;
A land reborn.

The Tryst


img_2570She’d been there before
in a time now past,
unknowing, curious
and caring, bleak
with concern.
The future daunting,
taunting twisted tales
Shrouding mystery
in the soul of her eyes.
Help me, she pleaded.
Let there be light
in these dark days
My hands are here for you
to use, as my soles
tread this sacred land.
And, my mind learns
from the clues
our ancestors left waiting
To reveal to her
when the time was
divine for the tryst
with destiny.
Courageously she
stumbled up mountains
and down again.
Faltering she wavered
waiting until the time
had come, as ordained
To stake her claim
For all the people
Of the world
She knew now
things were different
A Phoenix rose willing
Tears shed for the people,
To cleanse the pain
And wash away the lies
And the longing.
Spaces filled with love
and hope of the better
days to come, peace
replaced the weariness
Her message, love.
A warrior born to rise
to uplift, to shine.
To remove the shadows
Where fear once lived.




Get lost

Virtue signalers
Get lost
In the pages of
History unread
Until you must
Or lose trust
In your self
Or your cell
Contained behind
Walls of silence
Built of guilt
Condemned to suffer
In silence
For fear
Of the shadow
inside your mind.

Ist Century fresco of Medea from Wikipedia

“Get on your f’n mask!”
screamed the Libertarian
to the lonely librarian.
As the freedom fighter
shared all the rules.
Watching Orwell’s imagination
Repeat on station after station.
Pens at the ready to herd us all in.
Imprinting a story to keep us within.
The Goddess of illusion cycling
Round and round on repeat
A poison chalice douses naked feet.
Trickling through, eroding away,
reserves and progress all washed away.
Limits stretched to the extremes.
Set the alarm, wake from the dream.



Play into their

Open palms

Waiting to mould

Not create

With love

But destroy

With Hate

Walk into the

Future planned

To control

Not free

With hope

But bound

By fear

Stray from your

Chosen path

To chaos

Not creating

With love

But reacting

in anger

Birth a new world

Ordered by who?

To peace


Or war



Mary at the foot of the Cross

Picture from the rear of The Sacristy at Paisley Abbey by Rashelle Reid

I seek sanctuary
from falsified histories
and lies of today.
I seek sanctuary
from those who
pray to prey
I seek sanctuary
keep me safe
in your arms
I seek sanctuary
not just for me
but for all
I seek sanctuary,
hear my plea
keep me safe
I seek sanctuary
let me rise and
catch me if I fall
I seek sanctuary
answer my call
as I answered yours.
I seek sanctuary
to share, to reveal
to teach, to love
I seek sanctuary
to grow, to expand
to live and die in peace.

Wherever you go today and whatever you do, be love 💓

People all have different roles to play that contribute to the growth and expansion of us all.

Sometimes people won’t understand your role, and sometimes this may cause them to try and pull you in different directions because what you do, is not something they could do but that’s only because their role is different.  Sometimes it’s though fear, and their desire to protect you from what can be a scary world at times.  Not everyone is born to stick their head above the parapet to see if it’s safe for others to do so and not everyone has the will to be courageous when they are terrified and all of these things are okay and part of life.

People have at times tried to pull me away from the work I’ve been doing, as if I was wrong about my direction of travel but my inner guidance has been present all my life so I always knew I was heading in the right direction, even when it was really tough to do so.

Lifting others up is the only way to a better world as far as I can see and bringing light into the dark places means nothing can live in the shadows any more.

Every step I have taken along the way has contributed so much to my own story but our wider story too.  Driven by a powerful desire to help the most vulnerable members of society experiencing poverty, domestic abuse, child abuse, human trafficking or being under attack by governments or corporations.

The easy thing to do, would have been to bow out and leave all this for someone else to do and change my focus but for me I had to it, I had vowed to be the embodiment of Be The Change you want to see in the world.

Like so many others around the planet traumatised by the destruction of the Earth and the exploitation of people, particularly children I couldn’t take it, there was no way I could remain silent when I knew what was going on around me and so I campaigned, and campaigned, and then campaigned some more. I learned to work with my emotions and use them to guide me and when things got too much, I discovered a talent for poetry that I never knew I had and learned to communicate in a way more people could hear.

I have learned so much through the steps I have taken,  gained wisdom and understanding which I had always needed, as before I experienced grief and heartache, I didn’t know how difficult the climb back to full health and vitality could be and also why people behaved in certain ways towards each other.

Let your heart be your guide, use discernment and you will know you are on the right path, even when the journey is a difficult one.

We are all unique, special and important to the story of our lives and the Universe (one verse, one heart, one song). Live your best life, love fully, take time to listen and understand because when we really open our eyes the beauty is there to be beheld and appreciated 

P.S. when I was younger I wanted to be a Forensic Psychologist. It’s what gave me to the stomach to look.

I’ve waited a long time to share this story with anyone except a few of my closest friends but it seems the time has finally arrived.

Back in 2012, I wrote myself a Goals for Life list and one of my wishes was to give Dr. Wayne W. Dyer a hug to thank him for the gifts he had brought to this world.

I had long been familiar with Hay House and the contribution they were making to the world and had already began the journey within a few years earlier after meeting David Hamilton PhD and The Caring Clown aka Margaret McCathie who worked alongside Patch Adams in 2008 while I was studying NLP.

David is an amazing man with a sparkle in his eyes and a wealth of wisdom inside him.  A bio-chemist who had worked within the pharmaceutical industry and realised the powerful nature of the placebo, he decided to change path and began exploring “How the Mind Can Heal the Body” and “It’s the Thought that Counts”.  His scientific approach was a breath of fresh air to me as the world had made me a bit cynical at this time.  Margaret demonstrated the power laughter has to help us connect and heal our hurts, and showed me something of myself that I hadn’t seen before about what I give to others naturally.

I shared David’s books with friends, family and their friends and family shared them too.  All of them benefited from them in one way or another and I loved seeing more and more people connect with his work as he produced more books but couldn’t believe his work was being ignored by the mainstream as it contained such a powerful message.

I was in a period of discovery and learning but I was also very busy raising two sets of twins with not a lot of money and I still hadn’t had time to grieve for my stillborn daughter as I had fell pregnant again very quickly afterwards and wanted to make sure that while they were growing they only experienced love, joy and gratitude.  I called my stillborn daughter Abbie as I wanted her to have a connection to Paisley and the Abbey sits right at it’s heart. I didn’t know then how relevant the Abbey would later become to my own story, but that tale is for another day as I’ve rambled a fair bit already so let’s move things along.

When 2012 arrived I had totally changed my perspective on life and for me science was the bridge to spirituality that I needed, opening me up to worlds beyond my imagination.  I was struggling to cope with the things I seen in the world around me and like so many others around the world looked to the sky with my hands in the air saying “Let there be Light” but also asking God to use my hands to help the world.

By the time Hay House brought their “I Can Do It” event to Glasgow, the silent voice inside me was already strong and had been present in my life a long time. It had already led me to places where wonderful things happened many times before.  Even before the announcement of the event I knew deep down I would meet Wayne one day and I had not a penny to my name to spare, so knew I wouldn’t be going to America any time soon.

I began hearing the words “If the cap fits wear it” over and over and had no idea why but knew I would find out, as that was how it always happened.  Then the announcement came and I knew the message was connected with Wayne but how could I believe it?  How egotistical does it sound to say one of the Masters of our time was passing his cap to me, some wee woman from Paisley who was struggling to just hold herself together, and yet, I knew it was true, even then, but first I had to convince myself I was worthy.

I was familiar with the work of many of the Hay House authors but Dr. Wayne was the one who resonated with me most as the power of the “I am” had already shown up in my life through my studies in Psychology and Child Development, I think I had even wrote I poem before about it before I realised this was in Wayne’s teachings too.  The prayer of St. Francis had been the words I had been using in my own life and I knew their power to help me through difficult times and to support me while doing things that terrified me to help others.

On the first day of the event I walked across the bridge to be greeted with a double rainbow, making me smile and know I was exactly where I was meant to be.  I enjoyed learning from all the authors but if I’m completely honest, it was the hug that I wanted to give Wayne which was the main reason I was there.

Every time I saw him he was surrounded with people asking for autographs and pictures which isn’t really my style so I just hung back and waited to see if the moment would come another way.

On the last day of the event at 4pm my friend Adele Logan of CalmPoint Acupuncture looked at each other and said “oh well, maybe next time” as we accepted it was too late and Wayne was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere he appeared behind us and put his arm around us both, I didn’t even have to ask! I was blown away but I still remembered to thank him for all he had done.  I walked home floating on air at the magic that had happened and spoke to my friends about what I thought was happening.

My eldest daughter had been ill that day with flu like symptoms that had led to fever.  As the rest of the house settled she was struggling so me and her went downstairs and I tried to help her cool down.  She started muttering the words “the doors have opened mummy” right away I thought of the doors of perception and was surprised to hear this from a child but then she seemed scared as a vision of a man appeared to her.  I became a little scared too as I witnessed her fear but I know the power of a mother’s love and in me it runs strong.  I put my arms around her and asked that all energies present be only love and she settled in my arms.  Her temperature began to break, I knew most people would consider this nothing more than a hallucination brought on by fever but I had a feeling it was more than that.  Next day we discussed what had happened again and my daughter described more fully what she had seen and I recognised it as St. Francis and knowing Wayne’s strong connection with St. Francis it confirmed what I had been feeling.  She had never heard of St. Francis before this so I looked up a picture after hearing her description to show her and she agreed it was who she had seen.

But still I had much more work to do before I felt I could share this story with the wider world.  Much has changed since then, that I’m sure I’ll be sharing here or wrapped up in other stories that has shown people who I am and now, well now new worlds seem to be opening up to me and I finally fully accept that yes, yes I am worthy of donning the cap and I know as well as the compassion and love I have always shared with those around me I have gained a much deeper understanding of the pain people can experience through my own fall and subsequent struggle back to the mountain top.

I promise, as I move forward that I will do my best to honour the blessings bestowed on me and share them compassionately with the world.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, once again, I thank you.

Dr. Eric Perry

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