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Eclipse – May, 2015 by Rashelle Reid

If I were to die now,
did I live?
did I love?
did I laugh?
did I show the world around me who I really am?
did I do enough?
did I give a little or a lot?
did I care?
did I share?
If I w
ere to die now?
would I be forgotten in a heartbeat?
or will my memory live on?
will my poems ever be songs?
If I w
ere to die now,
would I go out smiling?
would I go guilty?
would I even know?
If I w
ere to die now…
will Scots gain their freedom
will my country be a nation again?
will my descendants live in the peace I never knew but fight so hard for?
If I w
ere to die now,
would my kids believe the lie they’re British?
would they remember me with smiles?
would they fly with the wings I’ve tried to so hard to give them?
If I w
ere to live now,
would I keep going on my path?
would I share more smiles and laughs?
would I get to share more love?
If I w
ere to live now,
can I help the dream become a reality?
can I help my nation rise again?
can I keep learning and growing and loving and glowing?
If I w
ere to live now….

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Picture by Paul Hinshelwood

The branding iron’s at the ready, waiting to sear our minds.
Twisted and tortured in the never-ending binds,
You’re British ya fool, over you we rule.
Only our history we’ll teach you in school,
Don’t think for yourself, just live in our hell.
While stories of our Greatness we will retell
No stories of your nation’s contribution,
No celebrations of its countless solutions.
That evolved the world and the people within,
The creative gifts to our worldly kin.
Left you rootless and searching for answers.
As we infect your mind like a virulent cancer
We’ll keep on forcing our flag on you,
Our vision of unity in red, white and blue.
Dripping in blood and the destruction of cultures,
The flag on my license, the one of the vultures.
I’m a Scot, I tell you but you won’t listen
As the moisture of tears makes my eyes glisten.
Shedding tears for the past and for the future,
Stitched up again like a surgeon’s suture.
Our wounds and our scars continue to weep,
As finally the truth into consciousness seeps,
The Scots are Sovereign and Scotland’s a nation.
She’s not even a queen with her fake coronation.
We’ve been living a lie and we all know it’s true
But where we go now is all up to you.
I hope we walk forward together hand in hand,
Repeating the calls that have come from our land.
Justice, freedom and equality for all around the world,
As the prophecies fulfilled and our future unfurls.

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All this chitter chatter, thump thump, batter batter.

You’re this, you’re that, you’re a dirty rotten little Nat

Right wing, left wing, in the cuckoo’s nest we sing

Hear us call, we’re singing to you, it’s not about red or blue.

Un-balanced, insane, cruel and inhumane

Forcing people to live in fear and shame

With both wings in place we burst into flight

And now we’ve got our prey in our sight

A predator among us, going for the weak

Blind with greed thinking it’s the treasure they seek

We need to surround them, give them no room to move

A clear and present danger to our loving groove

Truth is our weapon and love is our shield

As together we walk into the infinite field

Voices filled with compassion just learning to sing

Don’t you know a bird can’t fly with a broken wing?

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Murph Madness

Bairns not Bombs the people cry, as destroying the world puts a glint in Jim’s eye.

How much we ask, to sell your soul?

How much for a weapon we don’t even control?

A whip of a lass with a helmet of gold, she’ll conquer you all with the sword that she holds.

Speaking the truth to the heart of a nation, no wonder she’s receiving standing ovations.

No more austerity and no more dodgy deals, it’s time now for things to get real.

We’ll cut through the crap and get to the nitty gritty and we’ll do it all while being optimistic and witty.

Without a chance you’ll try to compete with the answers pre-printed on your wee sheets.

The game’s a bogey, it’s far too late, so do me a favour and ditch the Bru crate.

Choose wisely who’s counsel you keep, because the people of Scotland are no longer asleep.

A three pronged weapon of mass destruction, don’t you know the new Earth’s under construction?

One built on love not fear and control, one where we value every single soul.

End Trident you mad-man, it’s the only sane decision.

End Trident and join the people with vision.

End Trident and earn the title leader, or be forever remembered as a death seeder.

The party’s over, it’s time to go home. Time to face the shadows when you’re all alone.

You sold out your people for the price of ambition when a much better choice would have been simply to listen.

As the dark night descends and into hell you go, you can tell yer pal Tony we’ve cast the death blow.

To hell with Labour and the lies they have told, a parcel of rogue’s who sold out for gold.

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